Buckingham Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper

Buckingham Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper

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The Buckingham Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper encompasses all of the unique features, benefits & functions of the original Easywipe but brings with it the added functionality of being fully folding down to 50% the size of the original. 

Unique design for better reach 

The new Compact Easywipe comes supplied in its own hard carry case which makes it very easy to be discreetly carried in handbags and coat pockets.  The unique features of the Buckingham Compact Easywipe allow it to grip the toilet tissue firmly and the release it cleanly.  The easywipe removes the need to touch the paper after using. 

Key Benefits:- 

·         Collapses down to half size for portability
·         Rounded, soft and smooth design
·         Longer than any existing device and shaped to reach the right area
·         Ensures easy reach
·         Works equally well with toilet tissue or wet wipes
·         Releases the tissue paper cleanly without the need to touch
·         Easy to keep clean wuth no dirt traps
·         Light strong and durable
·         Comes in its own wipe clean carry case
·         Latex free

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