de Smit Medical Systems Policy – WEEE


As part of de Smit Medical’s commitment and support for our customers, we offer an electrical and electronic waste disposal service for equipment supplied by us or replaced by us which has the following symbol on the device:

Please note there are certain exemptions to this service as noted below. We do not offer a WEEE service for equipment not supplied or replaced by us, or items that do not have the symbol specified above.

WEEE classifies equipment supplied by de Smit Medical as either:
• Class 4 large equipment
• Class 5 small equipment

When you wish to have your equipment recycled by us you should contact us by phone or email. A detailed list of devices including details of whether it includes a battery or not, will need to be supplied to us prior to shipping or requesting us to collect the item(s).

We will then start the recycling process. You should only ship items to us on receipt of confirmation that we can recycle your equipment. Please note there may be a charge for the carriage of items back to our office, should you choose for us to collect it.

Exemptions and notes
All equipment returned to us must be clean – a decontamination certificate MUST be attached to each item returned.

We are unable to recycle any equipment that has:
• No decontamination certificate – the item will not be accepted for trade in
• Blood contamination
• Body solids contamination
• Has not been supplied by us or traded in against a de Smit Medical supplied product
• Is not marked appropriately

Any bladder scanner probes that are damaged and are leaking oil should be placed and sealed in a plastic bag. Any batteries returned to us for recycling should not exceed the number of batteries purchased from us by more than 1. For example, if the new item has one battery, you can ship a maximum of 2 batteries back to us.

Data contained on devices or tablets
Any data on devices should be wiped and removed before returning the item(s) to us. de Smit Medical does not take any responsibility for any data contained on the device. If you are unsure whether to return a tablet or other devices that contain data, please dispose of it using the standard hospital WEEE disposal channels. de Smit Medical does not take any responsibility for any data, or recovery of any data on any item returned to us.