Technical Training

Technical training provided by our qualified service technicians for the BioCon bladder scanners and the Simple Up patient lift.


Learn how to calibrate, service and maintain your devices.

Training at your place of work

We carry out all technical training in your department.

Qualified technicians

Our service technicians are trained to manufacturer’s standards to provide the highest level of training for your team.

Cost effective

Keep repairs and servicing in house and minimise overall lifetime costs.

A brief overview of the contents of the training course:

  1. Introduction – de Smit Medical and delegates
  2. User/demo video
  3. Short discussion on clinical use and common ‘user’ errors
  4. Explanation of probe manufacture and replacement possibilities
  5. Explanation of unit manufacture and disassembly of unit for examination and instruction
  6. Demonstration of calibration
  7. Opportunity for all delegates to re-assemble the unit
  8. Opportunity for all delegates to calibrate the unit
  9. Further questions and close

The Simple Up technical training covers:

  1. Demo
  2. Safety
  3. Maintenance
  4. Assembly, dis-assembly
  5. LOLER regulations, testing
  6. Warranty, cleaning
  7. Any further questions

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