FAQ for BioCon-700

The current reading displayed is the reading most recently acquired. The max reading displayed is the highest volume captured in a sequence of readings. When printing a record, regardless of the most recent reading captured, it is the max volume and corresponding images that are printed. NB: When capturing pre and post void measurements, once the pre-void reading has been taken and recorded, it is recommended that the ‘new patient’ touch button is selected to clear the reading ready for the post-void phase to be measured.
Annual calibration is not required with the latest software on all BioCon bladder scanners. Calibration only needs to be undertaken as part of a repair (if needed).
Class I, type BF isolated patient-applied parts safety requirements. This device meets IEC 60601-1.
The BioCon bladder scanners will display volumes between 0 and 999 ml. If a bladder contains more than this the scanner will display 999+. NB: An empty bladder can be difficult to locate and may not be visible on the screen. To find small/empty bladders it is recommended to aim the ultrasound rays towards the patient's feet (to see the bladder neck).
Absolutely not. This may damage the probe and will invalidate any warranties.
No, to ensure greater accuracy, only ultrasound gel should be used. Lubricating gel can interfere with the transmission of the ultrasound signal and should be avoided.
No. The BioCon bladder scanners are designed for assessing bladder volume only.
No. The BioCon bladder scanners are bladder volume measurement devices however, prior to obtaining the reading, a live image of the bladder is displayed to help locate the bladder for greater accuracy (pre-scan). Once scanning is complete, the scanned image of the bladder will be displayed along with the readings allowing for confirmation of accuracy.
No, the battery capacity and characteristics ensure that a spare battery is not required.
No, the BioCon scanners are battery operated and in the unlikely event that the battery is flat it should be charged for approximately 10 minutes before the scanner is operational again. It is recommended that the scanner is placed on charge before the charge level indicator reaches 1 bar.