Yes, the BioCon scanners output data in an appropriate format (HL7) for uploading to electronic patient records. Please contact de Smit Medical for more details.
The BioCon range of bladder scanners has a pink cross which identifies the presence of fluid. This is to confirm to the user that they have located the bladder. The pink cross DOES NOT need to be lined up with the green central line.
No, once you have located the largest view of the bladder the unit automatically calculates the bladder volume.
No, the pink cross merely confirms the presence of fluid and will move around the whole area of identifying fluid. The green line does not need to be lined up with the pink cross, however the green line needs to be approximately in the middle of the bladder to ensure a centred image on the cross hairs. NB: a small pink cross indicates a small bladder, a large pink cross indicates a larger bladder.
  1. Foetal use or pregnant patients (safe but not accurate as it will pick up amniotic fluid).
  2. Patients with ascites (safe but will pick up ascitic fluid).
  3. Patients with open wounds or damaged skin in the supra-pubic region (risk of infection when using ultrasound gel).
Please refer to the cleaning and disinfection section (information section) of the Cubescan bladder scanner website.
For the BioCon-700, 2GB SD cards can store ~700 records, 4GB SD cards can store ~1400 records. For the BioCon-900 and BioCon-900S, up to 50 patient records can be stored - and deleted if required.
No. However, patient records can only be accessed through the scanners internal review function or by uploading the data to a PC and read using the proprietary software supplied with the scanner.
The current reading displayed is the reading most recently acquired. The max reading displayed is the highest volume captured in a sequence of readings. When printing a record, regardless of the most recent reading captured, it is the max volume and corresponding images that are printed. NB: When capturing pre and post void measurements, once the pre-void reading has been taken and recorded, it is recommended that the ‘new patient’ touch button is selected to clear the reading ready for the post-void phase to be measured.
Annual calibration is not required with the latest software on all BioCon bladder scanners. Calibration only needs to be undertaken as part of a repair (if needed).