Yes, the BioCon scanners output data in an appropriate format (HL7) for uploading to electronic patient records. Please contact de Smit Medical for more details.
The BioCon range of bladder scanners has a pink cross which identifies the presence of fluid. This is to confirm to the user that they have located the bladder. The pink cross DOES NOT need to be lined up with the green central line.
  1. Foetal use or pregnant patients (safe but not accurate as it will pick up amniotic fluid).
  2. Patients with ascites (safe but will pick up ascitic fluid).
  3. Patients with open wounds or damaged skin in the supra-pubic region (risk of infection when using ultrasound gel).
Please refer to BioCon-700, BioCon-900BioCon-900S, and BioCon-1100, for the most up to date cleaning and disinfection instructions and materials.
For the BioCon-700, 2GB SD cards can store ~700 records, 4GB SD cards can store ~1400 records. For the BioCon-900 and BioCon-900S, up to 50 patient records can be stored - and deleted if required.
No routine annual calibration is required for any of the BioCon bladder scanners. However, if your BioCon hasn’t had the latest calibration software installed (updated from Jan 2019) you may still need an annual calibration. The calibration software is back upgradeable on all units. Contact de Smit Medical to determine your software levels if in doubt.
Class I, type BF isolated patient-applied parts safety requirements. This device meets IEC 60601-1.
The whole BioCon range will display volumes between 0 – 999ml. If a bladder contains more than this the scanner will display 999+. NB: an empty bladder can be difficult to locate and may not be clearly visible on the screen.
Absolutely not. This may damage the probe and will invalidate any warranties. Refer to our cleaning instructions for compatible cleaning solutions and methods.
No. The battery capacity and characteristics described above ensure that a spare battery is not required. Integral batteries last 3 ½ years (when in normal use). Therefore, possibly a further 1-2 batteries may need to be installed during the bladder scanner’s lifetime.