Bladder Scanner FAQ - Ordered

Yes. You can undertake a self-diagnostic test. This is purely a functional test to undertake, for example, if you have dropped your scanner or probe. This is not calibrating your device. Calibration is undertaken by engineers and is a separate test altogether. Older software may not have this feature (upgrades are available).
BioCon-700  ‘Settings’ – ‘General’ – ‘Self-diagnostic’ – ‘Scan’
BioCon-900 ‘Settings’ – ‘General’ – ‘Self-diagnostic’ – ‘Scan’
BioCon-900S & BioCon-1100 ‘Maintenance’ – ‘Self-diagnostic test’. If activated, it may be password protected. PIN protection (if active) can be deactivated or changed – refer to the EBME department or contact de Smit Medical or refer to the operator manual for instructions.
BioCon-700 pre-Oct 2020 BioCon-700 post-Oct 2020  PIN protected can be provided as an upgrade (POA) PIN protection is provided as standard (activated under setup)
BioCon-900 Not PIN protected
BioCon-900S & BioCon-1100 PIN protected if desired (under setup)
Yes. All BioCon bladder scanners use HL7 (EPR compatible language) to enable you to connect to the NHS EPR system.
BioCon-700 & 1100 No. The probe and scanner are calibrated together and become a matched pair. Recalibration is required if the probe is swapped. BioCon-900 & 900S NA
The BioCon bladder scanner barcode label identifies the make, model, and serial number (barcode formatted to GS1-128).
BioCon-700 Not able to read a patient barcode.
BioCon-900 & 900S Barcode reader – patient ID & user ID function available – optional at point of order.
BioCon-1100 Barcode reader – patient ID & user ID function available – can be added at any time.
For a comprehensive guide on all BioCon bladder scanners, please contact de Smit Medical.
Yes. The BioCon-1100 has a Wi-Fi (CUBEFi) connection from the bladder scanner to the nominated PC using CubePro software to download onto your NHS EPR system. Contact de Smit Medical for more information.
BioCon-700 Internal storage +40 records (depending upon voice annotation used) 4GB external (SD card) – 1400 records
BioCon-900/900S Internal storage only – 50 patient records
BioCon-1100 Internal storage only – 1000 patient records
Yes. See the results from a study entitled: ‘Reliability of an automatic ultrasound system in the post-partum period in measuring urinary retention’ by Van Os AF, Van Der Linden P. 2006 ( Results: ten additional catheterisations were performed by using bladder scanner, when compared with the number of estimated catheterisations based on clinical indications. Eight women had a residual volume of more than 300ml, of whom two had an indwelling catheter. Using Bland-Altman methods, there was no significant difference in volumes measured by bladder scanner or by catheterisation. Also, there was no significant difference between two observers.