ExEm Foam Kit

The GIS catheter (de Smit Medical) has a tapered soft tip that is inserted gently into the external OS adapting to each individual patient. By removing the need to insert a balloon catheter fully into the uterus (or inflating a balloon catheter in the cervical canal) some of the discomfort experienced by some patients may be reduced.
Preferably GISCATHNM970 catheter or the Argon balloon catheter supplied by de Smit Medical – 7 french recommended. NB: 5 french may be used but care should be taken as the reduced lumen may require a slightly greater force when infusing. Please refer to our Catheter section for more details.
In principle, none. HyFoSy is the HyCoSy procedure using the ExEm Foam.
No. ‘HyCoSy was a well-tolerated examination with a very low rate of side effects and no late complications that required no atropine or anti-inflammatory drugs’ Luca Savelli, Paola Pollastri et al. Tolerability, side effects and complications of hysterosalpingo contrast Sonography (hycosy). Fertility and sterility 2009 October; Vol. 92, issue 4, pp. 1481-1486.
Yes. Since its launch in 2010, over 16000 tubal patency tests (as @ Dec 2014) have been carried out in the UK and Ireland with no reported adverse or allergic reactions. ‘the combination of glycerol, hydroxyethyl cellulose and purified water is considered to be safe for intrauterine application and tubal patency testing’ Niek Exalto, Mario Stassen, Mark Hans Emanuel. Safety aspects and side effects of ExEm gel and foam for uterine cavity distension and tubal patency testing. Reproductive Biomedicine Online 2014; http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.rbmo.2014.07.015 Further evidence and safety data is available in the business case document, available in the Download tab on the ExEm Foam Kit product page.
ExEm Gel has been available as a component of the GIS Kit (intra-uterine scanning) since 2007 and as part of the ExEm Foam Kit (tubal patency testing) since its launch in March 2010.
Yes - CE marked for Europe specifically for intra-uterine investigations.
Yes - For single use only. Do not reuse. 
No - It is a Class I Medical device.
The new ExEm Foam Kit FK05 now contains a 10ml syringe with 5ml of ExEm® gel, a 10ml syringe with 5ml ExEm purified water and a coupling device.