Scott Brown

Dr Scott Brown

Technical Consultant

Dr Scott Brown

Technical Consultant, de Smit Medical

Managing Director/Lead Consultant, Health Tech Solutions Ltd

Scott has over 33 years’ experience in clinical engineering and is a registered clinical scientist with Health and Care Professions Council. He has a PhD in risk management and a background in engineering and science. A Chartered Engineer and Chartered Scientist he has extensive experience of clinical engineering, risk management, governance and project management. He previously sat on a number of IPEM committees including Council, EGB and the CESIG during which he was an author and editor of Report 97. He has been a Honorary University Fellow with the Peninsula Medical School running special study units in medical device risk management and research methodologies. Scott has published widely in international peer reviewed journals including contributing to three books and been an invited speaker at national conferences.

In 2014 he established Health Tech Solutions Ltd to offering consultancy services to the healthcare sector in strategic replacement planning, lean service improvement and technical and user training around medical equipment and medical gases. Scott has recently extended his services to include biomedical test equipment and medical equipment used in the veterinary sector.