A portable Biofeedback, Electrotherapy and Manometry device

The EVO 4c is a portable, clinic based rehabilitation device, providing biofeedback, electrotherapy and manometry functions.

For clinic-based therapy in urology, urogynecology, women’s health physiotherapy, colorectal and paediatric fields.

Track patient progress

Review / compare patient sessions

Intuitive and user friendly

Data export/report transfer capability

Motivate patients

With playful on-screen themes and targets.

Tailored protocols and assessments

Multi practitioner management

The EVO4 is capable of delivering stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles via anal, vaginal or surface electrodes. The waveform selections have been developed to deliver a current, enabling effective and comfortable muscle stimulation.

The EVO4 has a user friendly EMG triggered stimulation (ETS) programme that is easily accessed via the biofeedback screens. There is also an option to use electrical stimulation within a biofeedback programme, a function that is very useful for patients with a very poor voluntary pelvic floor muscle contraction.


  • Choice of pre-set templates within biofeedback with the ability to customise your own
  • EMG triggered stimulation
  • Easy to change from EMG biofeedback to manometric biofeedback using the same protocols
  • Simple baseline zeroing for template training with the option to set the screen to observe further relaxation
  • Choice of either automatic or manually triggered stimulation within the EMG programme
  • Store your favourite customised or pre-set programmes from the menu in an easily accessible favourites icon
  • Combined stimulation and biofeedback screen
  • The facility to record selected biofeedback parameters at different points in time
  • Pre-set assessment screen allows you to select pre-determined aspects of the biofeedback trace, e.g. when assessing the cough reflex, measurement markers may be applied to record specific aspects of the trace
  • Ability to select user defined events
  • Motivational games
    • Although designed for the paediatric market the games section is also very attractive for the adult population. The games are fully programmable allowing the work, rest and threshold levels to be set by the therapist thus creating a unique and entertaining patient specific feedback session.
  • Scrolling protocols
  • Standard & customisable reports


Urogynecology, Mictional calendar, Urology, Anorectal, Enuresis



Urogynecology, Urology, Anorectal

The EVO4c is supplied with the following:

  • 2 x EMG biofeedback channels
  • 2 x Stimulation channels (2 independent generators)
  • 1 x Manometric biofeedback channel (air pressure)
  • Frequency: from 1Hz to 4000 Hz
  • Pulse: from 50 μs up to 3 Ms
  • Fixed or variable time base


  • 2 x EMG channels with BFB acquisition up to 10000 µV
  • 1 x manometric channel (air pressure)
  • 4 Biofeedback software
  • Several different visualisations of the BFB signal
  • Quantitative evaluation with cursors
  • Creation and record of protocols and work models
  • Adjustable negative biofeedback (of relaxation) and sonorous biofeedback
  • Combined biofeedback/stimulation with preset protocols and creation possibilities
  • Biofeedback with full page display and with dynamic management of the curves
  • Protocols sorted by pathology
  • Modification of parameters during the session (dynamic parameters)
  • Set up of objectives and limitations of work
  • 2 automatic stimulation starts
  • Manual and/or automatic calibration of EMG signal


  • 2 x Stimulators (2 independent generators)
  • Combined biofeedback/stimulation with preset protocols and creation possibilities
  • Rectangular biphasic, monophasic (+ and -), and interferential currents
  • Protocols sorted by pathology; Urogynaecology, anorectal, male urology, general electrotherapy (traumatology, rheumatology, sport, muscular reinforcement, hemiplegia,
  • vascular, aesthetic).  Direct selection of the necessary type of current (tens gate control, endorphin, explosive, reinforcement …) with channel duplication.
  • Independent adjustment of stimulation channels
  • Frequency: from 1Hz to 4000 Hz
  • Pulse: from 50 µs up to 3 Ms
  • Adjustable slopes form 0 to 100%
  • Modulation (frequency and pulse)
  • Creation and record of stimulation protocols
  • Assistance for electrodes placement


  • Patient files with history
  • Automatic comparison between many sessions
  • Assessments (urogynaecology, male urology,  anorectal, post-partum)
  • Edition of personalised letters
  • Exportation of data and sessions
  • Personalisation of the default values in all programmes
  • 42 anatomical boards with details and explanations with zoom
  • Multi-users administration with secured passwords
  • Patient transfers between users
  • Connection to a pc via USB
  • Interactive biofeedback games

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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Trained Personnel:
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    • All trained to manufacturer standard
  • Warranty repairs
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  • Non-warranty repairs
    • 72 hours subject to authorisation by customer for paid repair
Spare Parts:
  • Spare parts for MCube/Datrend products are available direct from de Smit Medical Systems Ltd
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Jen Lodge, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

‘Leeds Continence, Urology and Colorectal service recently purchased two EVO2 systems from de Smit Medical, who were very helpful with IT support throughout the setup process. Offered excellent training package via Julia Herbert. The de smit team have offered ongoing support to our service over the coming months. This system will be very useful for assessment and treatment in our bladder and bowel service, it is very easy to use. Training was excellent and Julia happy to answer any query since training.’

de Smit Medical offer CPD accredited clinical training courses written and taught by Chartered Physiotherapist, Julia Herbert with over 30 years of experience in the field of pelvic health.

All courses are held at the de Smit Medical training facility in South Gloucestershire, excluding the virtual classroom course which is run via Teams.

For training course dates, pricing and further information, please visit our online shop.

This product is supplied with a two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.