vPad-Rugged 2

Robust and portable Electrical Safety Analyser for field service engineers

The vPad‐Rugged 2 is much more than an Electrical Safety Analyser ‐ it’s the heart of managing your preventative maintenance.

Built on the Vision Pad Platform, and housed in an extreme duty case, the vPad‐Rugged 2 offers the functionality and scalability that you have come to expect from Vision Pad Technology products, with the added assurance of knowing your system will be protected in the harshest of environments.

Portable electrical safety tester/analyser

Robust crush proof and waterproof case

Wireless interface to corporate CMMS system

Designed for field service engineers

Easy-to-read graphics and reports

Automated and manual electrical safety testing

Standard Apps


  • Manual Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AS 3551, AAMI/ANSI ES-1 & IEC 60601 standards
  • Built into a Crush Proof case that complies with ATA 300 Impact Test Standard
  • Waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes or more
  • Padlockable Powerclaw latching system with soft grip foldable handle
  • Hi-resolution Android tablet Graphical User Interface
  • USB connection to measurement base; Bluetooth connection to base optional
  • Bluetooth connectivity for transfer of files to and from local devices (PCs, tablets, cloud drives, etc.)
  • Extensive internal storage
  • Unlimited user comments in test records
  • Integrated ECG & Arrhythmia Simulator
  • Internal test record storage
  • Prints test result reports to optional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printers
  • Increases quality, accuracy, and consistency


  • Automated Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AS 3551, AAMI/ANSI ES-1, IEC 60601 & NFPA-99 2012 standards
  • Can be upgraded from a basic manual tester to full automation with CMMS connectivity
  • Built-in Wireless enables transfer of data from remote sites to corporate CMMS systems
  • DACOM multi-device, serial control of external test instruments
  • Can be configured to retrieve test data from non-Datrend Devices
  • Complete test procedures available instantly
  • Automated Testing Sequences for defibrillators, infusion devices, patient monitors, and more
  • All Auto-sequences and Checklists are 100% editable for total procedural Customization
  • Automatic “flagging” of test results that are outside of pre-established test limits
  • Prints inspection stickers to optional label printers
  • Automation Reduces paperwork, eliminates handwritten records, standardizes medical device testing
  • Automation Increases efficiency – may save in excess of 50% over manual testing & hand-written records
10.1″ colour LCD (1280 x 800)
User Controls:
Capacitive touchscreen
Wired Connectivity:
Micro USB 2.0 Type B (shareable with base unit)
XBUS Port (RJ11-6)
USB 2.0 Type A (host) – optional
Wireless Connectivity:
802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
Modes of Operation:
Manual (standard)
Automatic (accessory option)
120 Volt power outlet: 90 to 132 V ac rms
47 to 63 Hz, 20 A max.
230 Volt power outlet: 180 to 264 V ac rms
47 to 63 Hz, 16 A max.
7.0 lb (3.2 kg)
Base unit: 14.3 x 11.1 x 4.7 in.
(36 x 28 x 12 cm)
Tablet PC (detachable): 10.5 x 6.7 x 0.5 in.
(27 x 17 x 1.3 cm)
Test Standard Selections:
IEC 62353
Mains voltage:
Range: 90 to 264 V rms
Accuracy: ±(2 % of reading + 0.2 V)
External (point-to-point) voltage:
Range: 0 to 300 V rms
Accuracy: ±(1 % FS + 0.2 V)
External (point-to-point) micropotential:
Ranges: 0 to 199.9 mV rms
200 to 1,999 mV rms
2,000 to 19,999 mV rms
Accuracy: ±(1 % of reading + 1 mV)
Ground Resistance:
Method: Four-terminal, fully isolated
Test Current: 1A pulsed, 0.2A rms
Range: 0.000 to 2.000 Ω
Accuracy: ±(1 % of reading + 0.02 Ω)
Equipment Current:
Ranges: 0 to 1.999 A ac rms
2.00 to 19.99 A ac rms
Accuracy ±(2 % reading + 0.2A)
Duty cycle 0 A to 10 A, continuous
10 A to 15 A, 7 min. on/3 min. off
15A to 20 A, 5 min.
on/5 min. off
Equipment Power:
Range: 0 to 2400 watts
Accuracy: ±(5 % reading + 5W)
Chassis and Lead Leakage Current:
Modes: AC+DC (True-rms)
AC only
DC only
Patient Load Selection: AAMI ES1-1993
IEC 60601
Crest factor: <=3
Ranges: 0.0 to 199.9 μA
200 to 1,999 μA
2000 to 19,999 μA
Accuracy: DC to 1 kHz | ±(1 % of reading + 1μA)
1 to 100 kHz | ±(2 % of reading + 1μA)
kHz to 1 | MHz ±(5 % of reading + 1μA)
Isolation test voltage: 100 % ±5 % of AC supply
Calibration Test Points:
Resistance: 1 ± 0.01 Ω
Current: 100 ± 1 μA
ECG Performance Waveforms:
Amplitude 1 mV QRS into Lead II
Impedance 500 ohms
Frequency ±1 %
Amplitude ±2%
ECG Complex 30, 60, 120, 180, 240 and 300 BPM
Square wave 0.125 Hz, 2 Hz and 1 kHz
Pulse wave 63 msec
30PPM and 60PPM
Triangle wave 2 Hz
Sine wave 0.5, 10, 40, 50, 60 and 100 Hz
CMRR tests SQR 2Hz & 1KHz, PUL 4s, SIN 0.5, 50 & 60Hz
Arryhthmias VFIB, AFIB, SVT, VTACH, PVC, and ASYS

All specifications subject to change without notice.

vPad DOCS App Datrend Docs
Save, Store and Find Technical Documents.

The vPad Datrend Docs is a technical document library, ideal for storing electronic manuals, procedures and specifications. Datrend Docs comes installed with all Operator Manuals for the vPad family.

Compatible with:
vPad Record Manager App Record Manager
View/Print/Convert and Copy Test Reports.

Record Manager provides direct access to all test reports created by the vPad Apps. Reports can be reviewed on screen. In addition, reports can be converted to PDF documents; printed to a wireless printer; or copied to USB or a Bluetooth device (PC) one at a time, or in user-selected groups. Test records can also be transferred directly to Dropbox, box, Google Drive and OneDrive. File management has never been so easy or complete on a basic manual safety tester.

Compatible with:
vPad-ES App vPad-ES
Begin your Vision-Pad Experience with a new standard in Electrical Safety Testing.

vPad-ES provides basic electrical safety testing in a new, rich graphical environment using an Android tablet. Testing can be done following the requirements of IEC 60601 or AAMI-ES1 standards. Operated through a 10.1″ Android tablet, intuitive user interface, a 25-point physical inspection checklist, and the ability to create test records on the go, running electrical safety tests has never been so easy!

Compatible with:
Taking vPad-353 to the New Levels!

vPad-623 is a second-generation Android App to run on either the vPad-ES 2 or the vPad-Rugged 2. Improvements were made to fully support testing in accordance with IEC 62353 using the Direct, the Alternate, and the Differential Leakage Testing methods. As individual tests are made, a test record is created in internal memory. The results can be viewed at any time or saved to a test report file for printing or distribution. A 25-point, fixed format physical inspection procedure is standard, and forms part of the final test report. Basic electrical safety testing has never been so easy!

Compatible with:
vPad-AS App vPad-AS
Expand your Inspection Capabilities, Standardise your Test Methods, and Reduce Testing Times.

The vPad-AS is an automation application for the vPad-ES and ES 2, vPad-Rugged and Rugged 2 Electrical Safety Analysers. This App provides the ability to automate the electrical safety test the way you require, to the Standard you want. Automation sequences, to follow the required Standard, can be created for as many scenarios as you can envisage, with no restrictions. These auto sequences can be named to your preference, with an additional description field to provide details of what the auto sequence entails – no more guessing. Test Instructions can be displayed, along with pictures or video to describe what to do during the test. In addition to this flexibility in creating electrical safety auto sequences, an Equipment Inspection, up to 50 steps, can also be tailored to your needs.

Compatible with:

Custom Auto Sequences in accordance with IEC 62353.

vPad-A6 is an automated Electrical Safety Testing App designed to use and/or create automated electrical safety tests in accordance with IEC 62353. By creating and customising auto sequences, users can categorise their managed inventory into grouped tests, allowing for consistency and repeatability. Including a test is as simple as selecting a check-box.

Compatible with:
vPad-NFPA App Large vPad-NFPA
Electrical Safety Automation Testing in accordance to NFPA-99.

The vPad-NFPA has now become the go-to-method for Electrical Safety Testing in North America. This automation application for the vPad-ES and ES 2, vPad-Rugged and Rugged 2 has helped many organisations standardise testing on the equipment they manage. Not only could organisations control the type of tests they do through simple test selections, but they could also set higher pass/fail tolerances to further increase patient safety. Automation Apps such as vPad-NFPA has helped organisations large and small to standardise their testing, delivering a higher-level of quality and consistency.

Compatible with:
vPad-STM App vPad-STM
Create Automated Electrical Safety Tests.

vPad-STM™ is a software application (App) which may be installed on vPad-ES 2™ and vPad-Rugged 2™ electrical safety analyzers, and which may be used in conjunction with vPad-AS™ and/or vPad-A6™ Apps to create automated electrical safety tests of arbitrary complexity. Such tests may be required when evaluating electrical safety of medical devices in full conformance with IEC standards.

vPad-STM provides these benefits when combined with the test capabilities of vPad-AS and vPad-A6:

Perform IEC electrical safety tests of equipment providing a variety of medical functions, where each medical function may have a differing number of applied parts (patient leads) and protection class (Type B, BF or CF) Perform tests which combine measurements from different IEC safety standards, for example, perform leakage testing per IEC 60601 in combination with insulation resistance testing per IEC 62353 Perform electrical safety tests in accordance with Edition 2 of IEC 60601, instead of Edition 3 which is the default used by vPad-AS when the “limits per standard” setting is enabled.

Compatible with:
vPad-CHECK App vPad-Check
The Ultimate Level of Automation.

Using a script based Checklist, the autosequence can now be any number of tasks, in any order, with pass/fail limits applied. Individual tasks can be almost anything: inspect, measure, pass/fail, electrical safety sequence (vPad-AS, vPad-NFPA or vPad-A6), etc. You will even be able to control other devices either wired or wirelessly, and import their test results. You can now create the test you want.

Compatible with:
Tracks the Test Equipment Inventory, its Calibration Status, and includes this information in Tests Records.

As accreditation requirements change, the need to follow the tenets of the Quality Systems approach to all aspects of medical device maintenance is becoming the norm. One of these tenets is traceability. One of the requirements of a good, traceable service, preventive maintenance and calibration program is the ability to demonstrate that the work was performed using appropriate, calibrated test instruments. vPad-Cal provides a tool to track the test equipment inventory, its calibration status, and include this information in the test record for a device through the use of vPad-Check.

Compatible with:
Equipment and Work Order Management system.

vPad-EQM is a simple and easy-to-use equipment manager app for your vPad system. Import your equipment information from any asset program that can create an Excel spreadsheet, or create it on-the-go as you encounter the equipment. Trace your work through work orders and test reports.

Compatible with:
Convert Files to be Ready in Almost any Program.

vPad creates test reports in a text file format. vPad-XPORT can convert those files into a format that is compatible with your CMMS program. Currently, vPad-XPORT supports CSV, XML and MUP file formats, but if you can define your needs, we can probably create a conversion that works for your organization. Works in conjunction with vPad-mT.

Compatible with:
vPad-mT App vPad-mT
Export Medtester Files to a vPad Compatible File.

If you are currently working with a CMMS program that produces medTester export files, vPad-mT will convert the files (MTEXPORT.ITM, MTEXPORT.LST, MTEXPORT.IDN) into a vPad-Check compatible file. (Pre-requisite: vPad-Check)

Compatible with:
Phoenix Data Systems AIMS CMMS Interface App

Compatible with:


Customisable Security for your vPad Tablet.vPad-Secure is a multi-level security App for the vPad Platform, designed for organisations who need the ability to control workflow from a central location. With four levels of security, vPad-Secure enables administrators to set the level of access available to users of the vPad system.

Compatible with:
Medusa CMMS Interface App

Compatible with:

Connectiv CMMS Interface App

Compatible with:
Enables real-time testing of airflow, humidity, sound & temperatures. vPad-INR enables users to take measurements and capture data using all of vPad-IN sensors without waiting hours (IEC standards) for steady state temperature readings – ideal for when called into the ICU to diagnose a fault on an incubator.

Compatible with:
vPad-PM Tag
PM Label Printing Solution. This App is used to print preventive maintenance (PM) tags or labels from previously-saved test records through XBUS Smart Cable (XSC) accessories.

Compatible with:
This App enables biomedical technicians to test medical thermometers, temperature probes, and temperature displays. Using the vPad-IN Oven, this App controls the oven, creates test records, and works independently from the vPad-IN system.

Compatible with:
Automation App for testing Transporting Incubators

Compatible with:
Automation App for testing Radiant Warmers

Compatible with:
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Two-Year Warranty on Datrend vPad Products

All Datrend vPad Products are designed and manufactured under an ISO 13485 registered Quality System and carry a one (1) year warranty from the date of original purchase.

This warranty will be automatically extended to two (2) years from the date of original purchase, provided that calibration is performed on an annual basis by de Smit Medical Systems.