Modular syringe and infusion pump tester

The vPad-IV further expands the range of Vision Pad Platform test instruments. The vPad-IV modular syringe and infusion pump tester can be configured to be a single or multi channel tester. No other tester offers this amount of scalability.

Portable and bench analyser

Easy to read numerical and graphical display

Modular construction, add channels at any time

On board reports, text, graphical and PDF, no PC or additional licences required.

Automatic and Manual Flow, Piggyback/KVO, PCA Pumps, and Occlusion Pressure tests

On board PM procedures

Trumpet curves

Windowed analysis

The vPad-IV can be configured as a single, double, or up to six channel infusion device tester. Single and double channel testers can be battery powered, enabling engineers to test infusion devices in the field. All 6 versions can be mounted on the bench, for longer term testing.

Prime and setup each channel independently for a test, flow, pressure, volume, or time.

Built in PM user and factory configurable routine tests allow engineers to combine visual tests, setup instructions, rate, volume and flow tests

Manual mode records data to text, graphical and PDF reports

Testing for Piggyback, KVO and PCA pumps

Rate tests can be configured for automatic tolerance on flow rate, volume and time

Window analysis allows tolerances to be checked within specified times

Back pressure compatible

PCA trigger for each channel


Nominal range: 0.1 – 3000 ml/hr Maximum flow displayed: 3200 ml/hr Minimum flow displayed: 0.01 ml/hr Maximum display resolution: 0.001 ml/hr

Accuracy: Flow rate ±1% at 10 – 1200 ml/hr for volume > 1 ml; Volume ±(1% + 1 LSD) at 10 – 1200 ml/hr for volume > 1 ml;


Pressure Range: -260 to +2600 mmHg (-5 to +50 psi)

Accuracy: ±(1% + 5 mmHg) Units of measure: mmHg, psi, bar, mbar, kPa, in. H2O, torr

Barometric compensation: 715 to 1095 mbar

Trumpet curve analysis and report

All Datrend vPad Products are designed and manufactured under an ISO13485 registered Quality System and carry a one (1) year warranty from the date of original purchase.

This warranty will automatically be extended to two (2) years from the date of original purchase, provided that calibration is performed on an annual basis by de Smit Medical Systems Ltd, exclusive UK Datrend Authorised Service Centre.

vPad-IV Input Output Tubing Set
Product code: 7300-004
vPad-IV Input Output Tubing Set Product code: 7300-004