Bladder Scanners

de Smit Medical introduced the CUBEscan range of compact, portable automatic bladder scanners into the UK and Ireland back in 2006, as exclusive distributors – now available in over 300 medical organisations.

Mcube Technology were the first manufacturers in the world to introduce the popular ‘pre-scan’ method of automatic bladder scanning into the CUBEscan range, which enables quick and clinically verified accurate measures of bladder volume* both in a hospital or community setting. Coupled with low life-time costs and robustness, it is easy to see why NHS Trusts and Private Providers standardise on this range.

At de Smit Medical, we are passionate about bladder scanning and after sales care, participating in regular Trust competency-based user training schedules over the scanner lifetime, e-learning packages etc, de Smit Medical has a proven track record of customer satisfaction, winning Trust Tenders and supplying via NHS Supply Chain.  We don’t just support the end-users, Trusts are able to benefit from our comprehensive technical training, enabling them to keep maintenance low level and quickly returned to the end user.

See what our customers think:-

“Since taking on the BioCon-700 units a year ago we have seen a considerable decrease in failure of bladder scanners. The units have been far more reliable than other manufacturer’s products we have used in the past.  I would recommend this product to any potential users as an inexpensive, reliable product with excellent service and support.” – Weston General Hospital.

Your company has a can do attitude and is aware of the challenges facing healthcare professionals today.  The Trust has great respect for your trainers, who have really helped support the products and our staff’s competency in their use.  Your support has been invaluable and has led to greater benefits being realised.” – Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

“The technical training received on the BioCon-700 bladder scanner was well organised and delivered with just the right amount of theory and practical work. All parts of the device were stripped down and examined, followed by the full calibration procedure. A well-made device that should be simple to repair and maintain” – University Hospitals of Birmingham.

Mcube Technology have continued to pioneer technology in new models, originally the BioCon-500 (now discontinued), later the BioCon-700 and more recently the BioCon-900 and BioCon-900S models to complete the current family, these innovative manufacturers continue in their future development to bring more reliable, robust devices to the world.  Watch this space!