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A popular, versatile and fully featured bladder scanner for reliable and accurate results with data transfer to your EPR

A compact and lightweight hand-held bladder scanner
Advanced features, accurate results

A compact and lightweight hand-held bladder scanner with advanced features, for accurate results when portability matters

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Technology firsts in bladder scanning
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Advanced software

Bladderpoint™ auto correction to assist all users
Child scan depth marker

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Data transfer

Upload patient readings to EPR

Features for you
Simple and universal

Appropriate for all patient types
Suitable for all levels of user
7" colour touch display


Clinically proven accuracy
3D modelling with auto correction and Bladderpoint™ provides accurate readings for all

Value for money

Lower cost of purchase and exceptionally low whole life cost
Robust probe design to reduce risk of damage


No annual routine calibration is required
Self diagnostic test function

Extremely robust

View our probe drop test video below
Low number of probe returns

Data security

Patient data encrypted and password protected

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Training & Technical Support
24 month warranty as standard which includes accidental damage cover on all parts during the first 12 months

Flexible service solutions available along with technical training for in-house servicing and calibration

All technical support is delivered from our UK offices
All our bladder scanners are provided with free, competency based, train-the-trainer user training along with a comprehensive user manual and quick reference guide

A comprehensive virtual training package is also available
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Simple to use

Value for money

Robust & Reliable

Accurate & Proven

EPR connection

Find the scanner to suit your needs

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Drop test video
User training video
Family of scanners