CUBEscan BioCon-900

An automatic, hand-held bladder scanner - Suitable for use on the ward or in the community

The CUBEscan BioCon-900 is an automatic handheld bladder scanner delivering accurate bladder volume results only, within seconds. This super lightweight, self-contained and fully featured device incorporates everything you need for scanning in one handheld unit making it the ideal choice where size and portability matter. Suitable for use on the ward or in the community.

Pre-Scan Live View

Locate the bladder prior to taking a reading, improving accuracy, reliability and consistency of readings

Reliable and Robust

NEW and improved robust construction for reliable performance

Bladder Point Function

NEW Pointing function to help locate the bladder

Self-diagnostic Check

NEW self-diagnostic check for quality assurance

  • Small, light and portable for convenience and flexibility
  • Robust and reliable for peace of mind
  • Trolley option available for hospital use and carry case option available for community use for protection and convenience. One of these options is recommended.
  • Locate the bladder prior to taking a reading with the Pre-scan live view, for accuracy, reliability and consistency of readings
  • Pointing function to help locate the bladder*
  • Wireless battery charging
  • Advanced 3D probe technology eliminates the need to reposition the probe to obtain results, making it appropriate for all levels of user
  • Automatic calculation of bladder volume only – no unnecessary extra parameters
  • Adult and child settings for use in all clinical settings – a complete solution
  • Scan depth indicator in child mode confirms complete bladder capture
  • Improved performance for large BMI patients
  • Maximum volume captured retained throughout multiple readings
  • Save readings for storage, PC transfer and audit
  • Barcode reader option for simple patient ID entry
  • Exceptionally low whole life costs
  • Lower the cost of purchase: A single docking station may be shared between multiple scanners. Ideal for centrally based teams

* The bladder point function may not show the bladder in 100% of cases

BioCon-900 Drop Test Video

Using a bladder scanner to help reduce unnecessary urinary catheterisations has several benefits;

  • Improve quality of patient care
  • Reduce unnecessary catheterisation (and thus HCAI rates from UTI’s)
  • Save staff time and increase job satisfaction
  • Save total expenses
  • Enhance good reputation
  • Preserve patients dignity
  • Reduce patients pain and discomfort
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce overall cost of care

Clinical Applications

Medical Services Effects
  • Urology
  • Obstetrics-Gynaecology
  • Geriatrics
  • Paediatrics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgical
  • Operating Room
  • Recovery Room
  • Emergency Department
  • Intensive Care
  • Paliative care
  • Extended Care
  • Home Health
– Diagnose urinary retention and evaluate many common urological
– Prevent unnecessary catheterisation
– Reduce rates of urinary tract infection
– Monitor post-operative recovery
– Screen differentiate types of incontinence to determine appropriate
– Help caregivers manage and treat incontinence
– Reduce costs and save staff time
  • Radiotherapy
Reduce the number of CBCT scans
Comply with IR(ME)R by enabling a reduction in dose from repeat CBCT scans and
potentially improve workflow
Improve consistency of bladder volume
Accurately treat PTV throughout the course of treatment
Improve the patient’s experience
Reduce discomfort from holding large volumes and reduce patient anxiety
Please refer to the cleaning and disinfection document, available in the download section on this page.
No. However, patient records can only be accessed through the scanners internal review function or by uploading the data to a PC and read using the proprietary software supplied with the scanner.
The current reading displayed is the reading most recently acquired. The Max reading displayed is the highest volume captured in a sequence of readings. When printing a record, regardless of the most recent reading captured, it is the Max volume and corresponding images that are printed. NB: When capturing pre and post void measurements, once the pre-void reading has been taken and recorded, it is recommended that the ‘new patient’ touch button is selected to clear the reading ready for the post-void phase to be measured.
It is recommended by the manufacturer that the scanner be calibrated annually.
No. The probe and scanner are calibrated together and become a matched pair. Re-calibration is required if the probe is swapped.
The BioCon bladder scanners will display volumes between 0 and 999 ml. If a bladder contains more than this the scanner will display 999+ NB: An empty bladder can be difficult to locate and may not be visible on the screen. It is recommended to use the pubic bone reflection (white) as an indication that the probe is positioned correctly.
Absolutely not. This may damage the probe and will invalidate any warranties.
No - To ensure greater accuracy, only ultrasound gel should be used. Lubricating gel can interfere with the transmission of the ultrasound signal and should be avoided.
No. The BioCon bladder scanners are designed for assessing bladder volume only.
No. The BioCon bladder scanners are bladder volume measurement devices however, prior to obtaining the reading, a live image of the bladder is displayed to help locate the bladder for greater accuracy (pre-scan). Once scanning is complete, the scanned image of the bladder will be displayed along with the readings allowing for confirmation of accuracy.
No. The battery capacity and characteristics described above ensure that a spare battery is not required.
The battery charges whilst in-situ in the scanner and does not have to be removed.
In Adult mode, the BioCon scanner scans to a depth of 18cm. This should be taken into account when scanning obese patients. Greater pressure may need to be applied in order to achieve a reading.
When in either the male or female setting, the scan depth is set at 18cm. In the child mode, the scan depth is set to 8cm.
A patient weighing less than 25kg (55lbs) and less than 120cm (47 inches) in height is suitable for child setting (includes neonates). Within the BioCon range, the BioCon-700 and BioCon-900 scanners have a child setting.
  • Set to MALE for any adult patient with no uterus.
  • Set to FEMALE for any patient with a uterus.
The female setting allows the scanner to compensate for the presence of the uterus:
  • Set to MALE for any adult patient with no uterus.
  • Set to FEMALE for any patient with a uterus.
All bladder scanners use an algorithm to derive bladder volume. For this reason there will be an error:
  • BioCon 700 +/- 15% or 15ml (0-999ml) whichever is the greatest.
  • Foetal use or pregnant patients.
  • Patients with Ascites.
  • Patients with open wounds or damaged skin in the suprapubic region.
Please contact de Smit Medical Systems Ltd for further information about this product including;

  • Full product information / specification
  • Arranging a demonstration / evaluation
  • Pricing details
  • How to place an order
Call +44 (0)845 345 4226, or email us via our contact form.


Dimensions 6 cm (diameter) x 13.6cm (length)
Display 2.4” colour TFT – LCD
User Interface 5 buttons
Range/mode Bladder volume 0 – 999ml
Accuracy +/- 15% or 15ml *2
Child and two adult modes
Data storage Thermal printer (57mm) (via docking station)
Internal memory – 50 scans
Data transfer – USB connection (via docking station)
Power 3.6V Li-ion battery (integral)
Capacity – 1500 scans *1
Fully recharge – less than 6 hours
Probe head 3D sector scan
Dual frequency 2MHz/3.4MHz
B-mode scan image
Scan angle – 120 o
Pre-scan facility
Adult scan depth – 23 cm
Child scan depth – 8 cm
Scan time – less than 3 seconds

Docking Station

Dimensions 19 cm (H) x 26 cm (W) x 7 cm (D)
1190g weight
Input AC 100 – 240v ~, 50 – 60Hz
Output Wireless power transfer charger (BioCon-900 only)


*1 For a new battery module fully charged. Tested on Mcube Technology’s test conditions

*2 According to the scanning instruction and scanning on Mcube Technology Tissue-Equivalent Bladder Phantom

Support Information

Head Office:
  • Address
    • de Smit Medical Systems Ltd, Unit 15 Falcons Gate, Dean Road, Bristol, BS37 5NH, UK
  • Operating Hours
    • Monday to Friday - 9am-5pm (Excluding bank holidays)
Service Centre:
  • See Head Office above
  • Please contact the Service Centre regarding any equipment servicing/repair related queries or telephone troubleshooting
Trained Personnel:
  • 7 x Sales technicians
  • 3 x Medical engineers at Head Office
    • All trained to manufacturer standard
  • Warranty Repairs
    • 72 working hours response/resolver call-out for warranty repairs and service plans
  • Non-warranty Repairs
    • 72 hours subject to authorisation by Customer for paid repair
Spare Parts:
  • Spare parts for Mcube/Datrend products are available direct from de Smit Medical Systems Ltd
  • Next working day delivery if order received by 2pm on any given working day (subject to availability)
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