BasIQ-4 Episiotomy Knife

For a sharp, safe and simple mediolateral episiotomy.

Introducing BasIQ-4 for a mediolateral episiotomy at 60 degrees: designed to reduce the risk of obstetric anal sphincter injuries.

Extremely sharp

The carbon steel blade is extremely sharp for a clean cut that is optimal for suturing.

Single use

BasIQ-4 is single use, optimising the cutting edge of each device and removing the cost and need for sterilisation.

Easy, quick and safe to use

Positioning the device for a 60 degrees cut is easy and quick to perform and repeat.

The blade is unexposed to improve safety.

Safer episiotomy

The incision is made away from the area of highest tissue tension; the sharp blade cuts towards the vaginal fourchette. This reduces the risk of tearing.
  • The episiotomy is performed with one single motion, no need to make multiple cuts.
  • The single-use blade never becomes blunt, rely on its sharpness with every use.
  • The blade is unexposed while positioning, the risk of cutting unintentionally is reduced.
  • Used at the accepted angle of 60 degrees, or “8 o’clock”, to ensure that the interlocking muscle, fascial and fibrous components lying between the vagina and rectum are not damaged.