Bedwetting Alarms

Award Winning Malem Bedwetting Alarms

We only stock the Award Winning range of Malem Bedwetting Alarms as they provide the widest range of features and benefits within some of the smallest and lightest alarms in the world. All alarms consist of two parts, the alarm unit and a moisture detecting sensor - with a range of alarms and interchangeable sensors you can select the most suitable combination for your requirements. 

There are three main types of alarm that come complete with sensors and batteries ready for use, additional sensors and batteries are available and can be found in the accessories section. Malem also manufacture a range of products to help manage incontinence in the elderly, disabled and for children with learning difficulties.

How the Malem Alarms work

The bedwetting alarm is clipped to the front of the pyjama top near the shoulder.  The sensor, which detects wetness, is clipped into the unit and the lead is placed through the clothing and attached to the underwear.  Depending on the sensor selected this is either placed between two pairs of close fitting pants or tucked inside a panty liner (standard sensor) or clipped onto the pants (easy-clip sensor). 

A bed-mat sensor is also available which is a plastic mat placed under the sheet.  It has the advantage that the alarm can be placed under the pillow or next to the bed so it does not disturb the child until it is activated.

Repetitive awakening by the alarm as soon as urination commences will gradually train the brain to exert automatic control over the bladder. Eventually, the patient will either wake up before urination or be cured resulting in them sleeping throughout the night without needing to empty the bladder.

Please refer to the full instructions provided with the alarm.

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